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Programs, Which Do I Choose?

Hi there, first off i am new to this site. I would like to say it has to be the best site for info out there. (sucking up done now)

I am looking for a programe that will help me cut the existing fat that i have. Here are my stats,

Age - 23
Body fat - 12%
Weight - 12.9 stone, (most of that is my legs and arse)
Height - 5.8
Bench press - 85k 3 reps
Dead Lift - 120k 5 reps
Squat - 140k 5 reps
Military press - 65k for 8 reps
Wide grip pull ups (overhand) - 3

I have been training for about 3 months now but as i don’t have a set programe i drop sets, get destracted and all sorts.

I have just signed up to join the British Royal Marines and need a good programe that is going to get me to a very good strength level.

At the moment I tend to do about 8-9 hours cardio a week. This is due to soccer practise and match as well as TKD 2 times a week.

all advise is much appreciated,

Oh her is a pic not a great one but there you go!! I am the one with the blond hair in the middle. Sorry i haven’t got any of me at the gym (yet)

Well if you havent been training long, any program will really do. Most suggested programs by Chad Waterbury–which im also doing now. and ill tell you, its the best workout ive ever done. So look into his–they are a rush!

Cheers i will do a search, Just notcied the pic that has been posted is wrong but it won’t let me change it. So apoligise for that, not really a pic to be using on a strengh forum.