Programs post-1B Neurotype & BDSPFNL

I’ve utilized Thibaudeau’s training for a long while now, everything I try is great.

This past year I completed a cycle of his Thibarmy 1B program, enjoyed it a lot - mostly for the strength gains. I’m currently in the last week of the Best Damn Strength Workout for Natural Lifters.

I’m bored out of my mind, but it did exactly what it was supposed to - every major lift went up by about 20%. Unfortunately, I have no idea what program do pursue next.

My goals are pretty basic:

  1. Strength - absolute, but especially single-leg. I’m horribly deficient there.
  2. Hypertrophy - distant second. I’d be fine staying at my current weight (190, 6’). If I get bigger, great.

I haven’t found anything in the Thibaudeau library that focuses on single-leg strength after the completion of 1B and BDSPFNL. Does anyone have recommendations?