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Programs in Beyond vs Forever?

I’m looking to get on a strength/athleticism program and having a really hard time finding a program I want. I was hoping a 5/3/1 book may really help as they have a ton of positive feedback. For some reason Forever isn’t available in e-book forum. I don’t mind spending the extra money but I do mind having to wait for it rather than having it immediately downloaded. Is Forever so much better than Beyond that it warrants the weight (pun intended.)? Better yet is there an ebook format for 5/3/1 Forever I’m not aware of?

There is no ebook for Forever.

Forever is a much better book. It has 50 programs in it. You’re bound to find one you like. Beyond is still a great book, but it leaves the programming more open.

I will second the love for Forever. This is the only book of Jim’s I own, but knew of the 531 fundamentals from reading about it here and elsewhere. The programs outlined in it are vast and enough to keep you busy, well, forever.

Another one here for Forever. It’s written with the idea in mind of being able to keep you busy, well, forever. Beyond and the 2nd Edition OG books are great, but if you’re interested in having everything laid out for you with little guess work, I would go with Forever.

Also, if you have amazon prime Jim has made a deal with them and it is on there now. It’s the same amount (45 with no shipping vs 40 with 5 dollar shipping on his website) but prime is two day shipping.

After receiving this book I have to disagree with you on the guess work.


He’s very vague about assistance work and the type of medicine ball throws you’re supposed to do

You literally throw a medicine ball. What the fuck do you mean? Throw it overhead, chest pass it, throw it between your legs, whatever.

Jim literally states throughout the entire book to do 25-100 reps of a push, pull and leg/core exercise. Pick one or a few of each one and do each type for 25-100 reps.

You are making all of this much harder than it has to be.


He lays out exactly how many reps to do with each workout, and then has an entire section of the book dedicated to what assistance work you can do.

Throws are detailed on pages 9-15.


If you don’t actually read the book then yes, you’ll need to guess. I also found Jim really overlooked the problem of having to read the book when he made it available for purchase.


Haha, this made me laugh pretty hard.

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Forever. It teaches you how to program/periodize your training.

Thank you, you’ve been super helpful in helping me figure out this book I appreciate it. One more thing, if he calls for “single leg/core 25-50 reps” does that mean do a single leg and core exercise for 25-50 or am I only supposed to choose one?

Just pick one.