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Programs for Reshaping


I am wondering if anyone has any good programs that are effective for maintaining (besides the obvious answer of "do nothing.") I have been bulking up for quite sometime now, and believe that I am as big as I would like to get. I'd hate to quit training intensely, so if you have done a program that is good for keeping toned at your given size or even an if it is just an "approach" please reply to this thread.



is this serious or??


keep lifting the same, and taper the diet down...imo


Run for 40 miles whilst bouncing a super cool exercise ball will keep you well toned init


Squats and milk!


x2. It ain't hard to stop growing.


Did you really need to start a whole new thread to ask this same question?


You're as big as you want to get at 180 lbs? If you want to maintain the same size what would common sense tell you?

Hint: In order to grow you need more calories than your taking in now.


ehh more like 208 lbs.


Damn Dude, Your profile states that you have been training 1 year and if the posted pic is a recent pic of yourself then I think you have very good genetics and doing something right. If you don't want to get any bigger( uncommon goal) then don't increase your calories and you won't. Training is just part of the equation.


don't eat as much


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