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Programs for Athletes?

Hi friends,

I have just finished up with “regular guy off season” program which I did for about 6 months which was really good, and now I’m looking to switch things up.

I want to spend 3 days in the gym, so I am considering running Defranco’s WS4SB or Built like a Badass.

Any other programs you guys could recommend? I train for general strength and athleticism. I train BJJ 3 days a week and often sneak in a boxing session once a week.


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Big fan of BLAB

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Could try 531 ‘young Jim wendler’ and just go super conservative on the squat/dead TM so that it doesn’t interfere with BJJ

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Thib’s Athlete Lean or Zombie Apocalypse spread out over 2 weeks

Wendler’s Beach Body Challenge

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