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Programs for a 1B?

What programs would you recommend for a type 1b? Layers, 5/3/1, strength circuits, ?

Westside-type training works well… no need to work up to a 1RM, working up to a 2 or 3RM would be better for a 1B.

But that is only one approach.

A template I like includes…

A. Explosive activation drill (jumps, throws, sprints, prowler sprints)

B. Explosive lifting (speed sets on a big compound lift, olympic lifts, high pulls, push press, etc.)

C. Heavy movement (same or related to B)

D1 - D2. Assistance work with one exercise in the 6-8 and the other in the 10-12 rep range… often using antagonist pairings

E1 - E2. Smaller isolation exercises one in the 8-10 and the other in the 10-12 reange

But a 1B should try to accelerate the weight regardless of the movement

Any geared for hypertrophy ? Although you say (unless outdated) 1B builds muscle by being explosive
Westside looks fun, might do it after T-ransformation
Edit: would max muscle layers work?