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Programming Writer's Block

Hello all,
I’ve recently found myself stuck on where to go with my programming, and I thought I’d swallow my pride and come ask for some help.

For several years I battled a chronic infection that lead to chronic issues with pain and stiffness through my back, abdomen, and pelvis. It was a very slow process back into lifting and I never thought I’d reach the point I’m at today being able to perform all the big compound movements again pain free. Most of this year my focus has been on cutting fat, then once I hit my target weight maintaining and just improving overall work capacity through high density workouts. Push/pull/legs 6x/week turned out to be my bread and butter. To that end, I’ve been very happy with my results, but recently I’ve found myself sort of at a loss where to go from here, just going through the motions.

I just never actually believed I’d get to this point, so now that I’m here I’m having a tough time figuring out exactly what my next goal is. FWIW I’m a 2a, so I respond well to switching things up regularly. I’m just generally happy with my level of leanness and musculature at 33, and could maybe use a little help deciding what I want to focus on next.

How about switch it up and do something simple like a Dan John program? Something that only commits to gym time a couple days a week, and do some other activity.
I’ve recently found a yoga channel that is strength based and geared towards men. Breathe and Flow, search yoga for men and it’ll pop up. I enjoy it, and it’s a change of pace.

West side for skinny bastards.

See how that density has transferred to overall strength, plus you can rotate exercises as freely as you like

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I was going to say hire a coach, but working off a proven established program works too.

I think hiring somebody else to do your programming keeps things more interesting, and you can still give input to what you want for the right person.

Damn, I hope this doesn’t imply that my post made me come off as a beginner hahaha. I’m pretty sure I ran that or something very similar 11 years ago :cry:

Maybe a simple program geared for size and strength could be good right now…thanks.

Haha nah mate it’s just the name of an awesome Joe DeFranco program. Absolutely not insinuating that you are either skinny or a bastard

I was actually considering that, possibly Christian. That, or just wait for his new programs and order one I find most interesting.

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How many days do you want to train? Aesthetics main goal?

5-6. Yes, aesthetics always the ultimate goal.

Not actively trying to rehash old stuff but I wrote to another 2A here that you could alternate between periods (3-4 weeks) of training like a 1A and a 2B. I’ve tried this a bit, not enough to write anything completely out for you. The former being your intensification phase and the latter your accumulation phase.

And if you need even more variety, Coach has an article on Thibarmy where you change the loading scheme for the main lift every two weeks. Caveat emptor: That program is geared more towards performance. And if memory serves it’s 4 days


Do 30 days of Murph
You’ll be fn shredded

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Had to look that up. Maybe in high school. I’d be injured within a week haha.

Do you happen to remember the name of it?

The Undulating Periodization Strength And Size Program


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No problem. Feel free to @ me if you want to bounce ideas at anytime. I might write something out about this notion at some point,

I’ve had requests (from outside these boards) to start writing my ideas down and then I can just patchwork my way through all of the things I want to try overtime. If you like I can try and remember to @ you if I post anything about it?

Just checked it out. Definitely alot of variety in the loading scheme. I’m hesitant because of the low frequency. I’ve always done best on hitting movements/muscle groups 2-3x a week. Wonder if it could be adapted into a 5-6 higher frequency split.

If you analyse it some I think you’ll find that muscle groups are hit at least 2x weekly. For instance, your chest is hit on chest day and on back/triceps day (Dips)

Yeah. I’m looking to bring up quads and delts though, and those are hit just once.

Then bookmark the program for a later date and find something that fits better now rather than Frankensteining it?