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Programming with Injured Knee

I wanted to run Bill Starr 5x5, or pretty much any 5x5 program, but currently have a torn popliteus and some other dysfunctions in my left knee. I cannot do full ROM squats, but can do light deadlifts. Should I just run the program and substitute the squats with static squats or something till I can at least box squat?

This is my first time working around an injury, and this is the longest I’ve ever gone without squatting. I don’t want to prolong my recovery, but would like to minimize my loss in leg strength and size. I know I can work around the knee and focus more on ankle and hips, but not quite sure where to go with that.

When I tore my meniscus I really started focusing on my bench. I didn’t squat at all but I pulled once or twice a week. After my surgery and recovery I was pretty much at the same spot I was pre injury.

why not do 5/3/1- on what is trainable now- and run the 5’s progression?

I guess I should focus on bench since it’s really lacking. I can pull 495 but only bench 225…

I’ll look into 5/3/1. Was thinking of trying smolov Jr for benching and adding in some pulling to maintain

I run 5/3/1 Triumvirate with a bum knee. I use the leg press as the core leg lift and use squats as the accessory. And that is after a long warm up and stretching session. Then I do the leg curls as the first exercise to get more blood into the area and further warm my knees.

Once I start leg presses it’s a very slow pyramid to my first working set.

I’d just rotate through heavy upper body lifts and only do rehab/super light work for lower body until the tear is healed 100%.