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Programming Volume Day


Hi everyone,

So,I train using conjugate and had great success so far.I didn't deadlift cause I didn't plan on competing and I just didn't care about deadlifting
I recently decided to work deadlifts back into my routine.2 main reasons for that
1.I think I can break the Greek junior record in both the 181 and 198 classes
2.My squat was weak and that affected my deadlift form.Now,after adding 70-80 pounds to it and strengthening my core,I don't feet like my erectors want to jump out of my back after some some moderate singles

The way I have my training set up,on max effort it's low volume high intensity day.My plan for that day is
Max effort squat variation
Front squat variation for a 3x3
Deadlift single doing a band cycle,which means week 1 straight weight,week 2 some band tension,week 3 more,week 4 deload
High rep good morning or hypers
Ab stuff

Here's my question
On volume days which would be better?

Squat (I letted go of speed work for squats here,I pick something from prilepin's chart and do)
Front squats 5 sets of 10-20 reps
Deadlift 3 sets of 10-20 reps,week 1 off block,week 2 lower block,week 3 floor,week 4 deload,repeat
Hamstring curls,shrugs,abs


Speed pulls (speed work must be done fresh,that's why I have them here)
Front squats 5 x 10-20
Good morning 3 x 10-20
Hamstring curls,shrugs,abs

Here's the pull from the previous workout.Form needs work,so that leans me to option 2


Question : is your volume day meant to be instead of a dynamic effort day?


Yeap, my volume day actually is my dynamic effort day

I just call it volume day cause everything is for high volume,whereas other people do stuff like 6 reps maxes


Gotcha - either of those days work well. You are correct in that speed work should be done at full strength. I am preferential to squatting BEFORE any deadlifting as you would always be deadlifting at the end of a meet and thus a little tired anyway. If you plan on competing deadlift only that wouldn't be an issue. Your form isn't bad but if you keep your lats/upper back tighter you'll avoid that little shrug at the top. Was that max? You've got more than that in you.


I plan on competing in full meets

From what I know Greek records are 240 kg 530 lbs/160 kg 350 lbs/245 kg 540 lbs in the 181 weight class for juniors

For the bench,I don't even care to try

For the other 2 I currently squat 370-380 beltless and just deadlifted 400 lbs after 8 months off of pulling,and have 3 years and 4 months before I turn 24,so I'm pretty confident I can get both

My plan currently is to get the deadlift record by March 2018


The best thing you can do if you want to be competitive is go do a meet ASAP. It will give you the best insight on what it takes to prepare and be successful on meet day. You have several years as a junior and if you make it your mission to smash that record I think you will. How tall are you and what do you weigh now? You should probably be planning to get bigger over those 3 years also.


I am 6 feet,210 pounds,fluffy though

I plan on cutting down to 190 and stay between 180-200 lbs for the next 1-2 years.There's a lot of mass I can gain in that weight range

I'll look what's up with the meets,cause we have very few per year here in Greece,but I see what you're saying


If I was 6 feet I'd be aiming for 275-308 lbs. Its usually not what guys want to hear but its true. I would wager a fair amount that you would be the tallest guy in your weight class by quite a bit if you were to compete at 181 or 198 even. Of course there are outliers and genetic exceptions that are inordinately strong as thin guys. But if you were one of them you would know it. Nearly every top level powerlifter I have spoken to about weight class selection advocates getting bigger to get stronger. Just a thought.


Although I get what you're saying,I have no reason too.Chasing those numbers is just an extra motivation to train.I don't really care all that much about powerlifting.Although I like strength training aesthetics and well being are also concerns of mine and 30 % bf or so would screw both of them over


Good shit man, got your sights on your goals. I'll be rooting for you to get that record then.


By that time I'll be for 3-4 years on t nation,so I'll have a million people rooting for me online and like 2 in real life.It's kinda strange


Thats why I'm here. I don't have training partners so I have to compete with/against all of you.


Nobody is telling you to bulk until you are 30% body fat. That is clinical obesity. You are tall and thin, most high level powerlifters your height are at least 120kg.


Also most high level powerlifters use steroids

120 kg at around 20 % bf would put me at 100 - 105 kg at 10 % bf,which are both insane for a natty


I don't know about "most", certainly in non-tested divisions there are few noteworthy lifters that aren't on something but when you look at the IPF there is no incentive to compete there rather than another federation and they are extremely strict when it come to drug testing. Jesse Norris had people show up at his door in the middle of the night before RUM.

Also, 120kg/20% body fat doesn't sound insane at all. Not everyone has the potential to get that big of course and I'm not saying that you should aim for 120kg, but if your goal is 6' 180lbs. it sounds like powerlifting is the wrong sport for you, you will just be tall and skinny. I'm 5'9" and weigh 230lbs/105kg and I have never taken steroids, and I'm not 20% body fat either.


I actually don't disagree with you.Although I think 120 kg is kind of a stretch,181 certainly is not the weight class for me.Short term and with a water cut though it would deserve a shot,if it meant I could break a record


As you see from my name , I love the deadlift lol. It hurts me to see that you don't take deadlifts seriously ( just kidding). From what I read , I still didn't know what do you want to give you some advice. Wanna pack some back mass ? You need to do 6+ sets of deads in the 6-20 rep range. Want to gain strength ? You need to deadlift at least twice a week. It's what worked for many and will work for you. It's hard to get better at deads by just doing it once a week.


Deadlifts came naturally to me.At 17,after 4 months of training them constistantly(I'm sure I wrote that wrong) I pulled 400,then after 2 months 420 lbs (with a belt on).So they'll skyrocket,which will probably change my feelings about them

I intend to deadlift twice per week in either case scenario.My question is if I should pull some light singles on the second day or do rep work

I incline more towards speed work,cause
1.Many famous deadlifters had success with it
2.My form needs work

But still,it'd be nice to hear some different inputs


If your form needs I work I suggest you do minute-on-the-minute sets. You will really feel like a machine doing them.


Is this where you do 3 deadlifts with 75 % of your max every minute for 10 minutes?