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Programming Trap Bar and SS Yoke Bar?

For those that have cycled specialty bars for squat and dead lift how long do you tend to run with those bars before moving back to a standard barbell?

I just added a trap bar and SS Yoke bar and plan to dead squat on dead day and use the yoke bar for squats

in the last 16 months Trained 5/3/1 BBB for 8 months then moved to 5/3/1 BBS

I have zero experience programming with either bar so wanted to hear what has worked for some here

I have used a trap bar with 531 programs. I just use it instead of a barbell, with an appropriate TM. I run them at least a cycle, but sometimes longer before then using traditional DL’s. No real answer other than what your goals and preferences are. If you’re training for a powerlifting event that uses BB dead lifts, favor those. If those hurt your back and you like the trap bar better, favor those.

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I just finished Krypteia using those exact bars in place of the barbell. I’m 36, and they’ve been a real help with my back, shoulder, and hips (had some pretty bad injuries in my time overseas). I squat exclusively with the SSB now and have for a couple of years. I like to switch between the barbell and trap bar. If I ever decide to try any powerlifting, that’ll obviously change, but minus that, I doubt I’ll ever squat with a barbell again.