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Programming the High Pull with Best Damn Natural Program?

Hi CT,

In a video on ThibsArmy you mention how the High Pull can change the look of a physique even in 1 workout. I am currently doing the Best Damn program version -1 . I wanted to integrate the High Pull in my workout because I really like the movement. However, I do not want to negatively impact the program which is working very well for me. I workout 3 days in a row and then take a break of 1 day to recover because I feel I accumulate fatigue in those 3 days and I need more time to recover.

Please suggest.

High Pulls are not a great fit for a program structured around manipulating tempos. Slow eccentrics and yielding isometrics don’t lend themselves to explosive lifts like High Pulls, Snatches and Power Cleans. I would recommend switching the shoulder width upright rows to snatch-grip upright rows.

If you were desperate you could probably find a way to incorporate them in on the final Pull Day of the the last 3 weeks of the program but even then, the reps are quite high for High Pulls. If you sacrifice load for reps on a High Pull you miss out on the heavy stretch during the catch at the bottom. That heavy catch is what makes the SGHP so effective as a yoke builder.

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