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Programming Supplemental Lifts for Size?

After the main lifts I have a question on how to program my supplemental lift if size is the goal.

Would it be better to use something like 4x8-10 double progression? Or 4 sets of increasing weight each set to a max set of 8 to 10? I’ve seen them done both ways.

With my isolation lifts at the end of the workout I am doing rest pause which I love. So this question is more for things like dips, chins, rows, rdls. Things like that. Thanks

Both can be used. But you can’t do as many overall exercises if you decide to go with the double progression method since you will have more demanding sets per exercise.

Okay great. I think I’ll go with the double progression. For increasing hypertrophy what do you think is a good guideline four double progression? Would 3 or 4 sets of 6 or 8 be ideal?

Give 5x10 a go with around 50-60% of your 3RM. You’d be shocked at how well it works after your strength work on the big movements. (Squat, Bench, OHP, Rows…)

Yeah but actually I think I remember coach Thibs saying that he doesn’t like the double progression method with anything over 8 reps… The training stimulus for five sets of 10 with the same weight is too light to have a real good effect