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Programming Structure Help

Hi coach,

I’ve been loosely following you “4 seasons of lifting” for a while now, albeit not the exact structure, simply because I enjoy a multitude of physical pursuits. The two I really enjoy are gymnastics/acrobatics work and Olympic weightfting, however I often find that when I move onto a different block (say, gymnastics into powerlifting, for example), when I come back around to the initial block, I’m so rusty and basically have to start from scratch.

Would it makes sense to include little pieces of skill/technique work from previous blocks into subsequent blocks in order to at least maintain the previous skill and/or strength gains?

If so, what would be the best way to structure it? I’ve been thinking about the following:

Powerlifting block workouts

  • start with gymnastics/acrobatic skill work (something simple like EMOM for a few minutes)
  • Olympic lifting (complexes focused on improving portions of each lift, possibly EMOM)
  • main power lift of the day (most time spent here)
  • couple assistance and supplemental lifts for the power lift

Olympic lifting block workouts:

  • start with gymnastics/acrobatic skill work
  • work on the main Olympic lift
  • squat/pressing strength
  • assistance for the day’s Olympic lift
  • supplemental exercises

Gymnastics/acrobatics block workouts

  • gymnastics work, spending more time here than previous blocks
  • Olympic lifting skill work, probably complexes like the powerlifting block
  • squatting/pushing/pulling strength
  • supplemental exercises

Etc etc