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Programming- Strength and Met-Con's

Hi CT,
Can I get to know your view on how you periodize a week for crossfiters to get them stronger and build their engine. I came up with scheme that would include 3 days of strength work nad 2 days of metcons but I have one major problem. If I do lower body strength on monday I will not be able to do thrusters and wallballs or box jumps on tuesday because of DOMS after “leg day”, is it a problem or just my complain? My plan would be:
Monday- strength lower body- Power snatch, Back squat, snatch etc.
Tuesday- two metcons and one technique work on gymanstics.
Wednesday- Upper body strength- Jerks, push presses etc.
Thursday- 2 metcons and gymnastics
Friday- Lower Body strength- Front squats, cleans, power cleans.
The reason for two lower body days is that I have very weak legs so I think I need to work them more. Weekend is off, although I sometimes can do some interval work. What is you main plan for periodizing a week of crossfit athlete? Thanks in advance for answering coach.