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Programming Snatch Grip High Pull for Hypertrophy?

What’s the best way to program the SGHP for hypertrophy? I’m weary of doing high rep Olympic work so I’ve been sticking with 5x2 twice a week.

come again?

Ok first, high pulls are not in the same boat as the full olympic lifts or their power versions. The reason why we don’t want to go high on reps on the actual olympic lifts (and the power versions) is to avoid technique getting shitty because of fatigue.

But the high pull is much less technical so the same limitation doesn’t apply as much.

I’ve used reps as high as 6 when training the olympic lifts with athletes (mostly power versions from the hang) and so did my former coach Pierre Roy (whom Charles Poliquin called one of the smartest man in the world of strength) who used sets of 6, 4 weeks out of 12 in a training cycle and he has trained some monster olympic lifters.

So there is no problem doing snatch grip high pull for sets of 4-6 reps. Especially if using the hang variation which is a bit better for hypertrophy.