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Programming Selection Suggestion?


I just received my copy of 5/3/1 Forever and it’s a great read. I was thinking about starting Krypteia at the end of the next cycle, but I was wondering if that makes sense, given my goals and current status.

I’m 36, been training for 5 years, but had a long period of time where training had to take a back seat to injuries (outside the weight room) and time obligations. I’m all healed up and have the time to make training a real priority again.

I’ve been training steadily for the last 4 months. I’m just about to finish my 2nd cycle of original 5/3/1 + FSL.

My main objectives are to drop about 20lbs and get in better shape (I’m helping one of my kids prep for a summer soccer tournament).

I’m still at relatively beginner numbers, and was thinking of starting Krypteia. I saw that a few weeks back, you recommended to someone that was also restarting that they run:

2 cycles 5 PROs + FSL
2 cycles 5 pros + BBB
Then Krypteia

Does that seem like a reasonable path here, too?



Use the advice he gave the other guy. It would suit you as well.


Thanks for the reply. I went back and reread the book and thought some more about my current status and needs. I think, really, my best bet is to probably run the beginner program until I have a solid base of strength and conditioning before I jump into anything else.


Honestly the beginner program is probably fine for anyone as their first program to try in the new book, think of it as being a beginner to the new 5/3/1 style programming which pretty much everyone is at this point. It doesn’t have to last very long, 6 weeks maybe?