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Programming Questions


Hey Guys, I had an idea of training I was going to try. I am doing LRB now and got a meet coming up, before I have had success with 5/3/1. But after the meet I was going to try something new. Only way to see how I respond to it is as simply as just trying. But wanted to run it by people for thoughts/concerns.

-day 1:Deadlift(heavy) maybe work up to 80-90 percent of a training max(maybe 90% like 5/3/1)
Hamstring accessories/Ab
Squat/ around 70% 5x5 or something close

-day 2 bench/back- 5/3/1
rows and tris for accessories

-Day3- squat/bench
squat would be the focus bench is to help bring my bench up maybe a 3x5 or 4x8 or some sort, then do some pause squats/ accessories for squats.



Very basic, I think it will work just fine.

Some ideas:

For deadlifts, going heavy is good, but speed work can be really good too. Maybe, when you are feeling beat up, switch out the heavy deads for speed deads.

Hamstring assistance work is great, maybe do some back assistance work as well/alternate the too. IT would be good to have back work in more than once a week on bench day, and will help build your deadlift.

I would suggest putting in some front squats at least once every couple of weeks, perhaps instead of the lighter squats every so often? or in the "accessory for squats" slot.

Also, noticed you don't really have shoulder work in here. You should probably be strict pressing or dumbell shoulder pressing or at least doing a slew of lat raises at least once a week.


I was thinking on the DL day maybe do front squats or something, and my "squat day" after the bench do some OP or some neutral grip DB press. Was pretty much having the workign sets close to 5/3/1 then also using the Squat as accessory to the DL and since my bench sucks also doing that on my "squat " day.