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Programming Questions, Olympic Lifts and Other Methods

Hello, I’ve been reading a few of your articles on T-Nation about Olympic Lifts and the best Bodybuilding methods and they have some great content. However this is never really much mention of how to program these things, not necessarily for me but in general terms how would you chose to prescribe these lifts and methods?

The thing is that I believe in teaching principles and methods so that people can design their own programs. In fact when I provide a program in an article more times than not it’s to give an example how one can structure their own plan.

Programing can be complex, especially when one has several goals in mind. For example becoming good at the olympic lifts requires a certain way of training, getting super strong on the big basic lifts requires another, and building maximum muscle yet another And I’m not even including conditioning and fat loss!

Wehn you want to include many different approaches in one plan it can become pretty complex and would require a lot more than a post in an online forum to answer. Especially since not everybody is alike.

For example the olympics lifts…

I decided to include them again in my program even though I’m still focused on muscle mass. I’m a former olympic lifter and am pretty efficient at the lifts. But my partner isn’t. So even though we train together we can’t do the same thing when we do the olympic lift at the beginning of the program.

The exercises, weight and loading scheme you use in the olympic lifts will thus depend on your level of mastery.

I’m at a point where I can use them as training lifts, my partner is still at the point where he is in “practice mode”.

Thank you for the reply!

I’m very much looking forward to seeing the article using the principles used in the best damm program in a strength based version. It should be a serious program!

I saw somewhere about you releasing a book? When is that coming out?