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Programming Question, Feedback Appreciated

Just joined the forum although been reading T-nation for years, intr first, brief as I can.

51, cert Prsonal Trainer and nutritionist, 15 yrs exp, BS Psychology, AD Paralegal studies, many health and fitness certifications, no need to list,
Started competing in figure in 2014 at 48, 11x Nationally Qua but just Diane first Nat in Pittsburg in July.

?? Regarding training, just curious.
Who does a specific program for set week 6/8/12 doing same exercises each week but varying reps and load and then moves onto another cycle?

Who does a different workout every week? Mixing exercises up for the same muscle group?
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I train for powerlifting so I’m not sure this transfers but I noticed you never got a response so maybe I can be helpful? I obviously train core lifts and my cycle is 6-8 weeks long starting with lighter weight/higher reps and moving towards heavy weight/fewer reps closer to a meet or end of cycle. I have a few workouts and accessories I hit consistently each week though I still vary weight/reps/tempo/etc and then depending on the weigjt/rep scheme I’m at and what sort of issues I’m facing, whether it’d be form or muscle imbalances or pain or sticking points I’ll alter my work as I go to accommodate for the things I’m sucking the worst at to try to bring everything up evenly. I’ve been following a specific program the last 7 weeks but once it’s over I’m writing my own program that is similar but more tailored to my own needs.