Programming Problem / Finding a Good Split When Traveling

I’ve been lifting on and off for a decade and devour every article on this site, but I have a question that is so basic I just have to post it here.

I just took a new job that has me home 3 days a week and traveling the other 4, with no real gym access (middle of nowhere places). There are so many good programs on this site and elsewhere, but none of them really fit my need, so I have to come up with a split of my own.

My first inclination is:
Heavy Shoulder/ Volume Arms (gym)
Heavy Leg (gym)
Heavy Chest/Back (gym)
off (drive out of town)
Plyometrics or Sprint training
Hotel room upper body workout (push-up variations and I have a portable pull up bar)

Then again, I could do a Push/Pull/Legs and then try to get some full body bodyweight sessions while I’m on the road.

Any advice from guys who have experience with programming?

Thanks, guys!

I should clarify: “No real gym access” when on the road; The 3 days I’m home, I definitely have it.

If you legit can’t get a day pass at a gym (that’s what I do whenever I travel. Even the middle of nowhere tends to have a Y or something within driving distance in many instances), I’d invest in some kettlebells and resistance bands to add some variety to your training.

Kettlebells - that is a great suggestion. Thank, man! I’ve never used them and I’m sure I could get some really good conditioning work in. As far as finding a gym - MOSTLY I can never find one. Maybe once every 2 weeks I’ll find one close and have the time. Just rarely enough to have me confused about this programming thing, as I can’t reliably know.

i think what you,ve come up with is fine. i would probably do the heavy chest and back first in the 3 days,and mix up the days from time to time. i have a feeling you will see much better results training less. Have a look at my one workout per week log in the over 35 lifter. good luck. Confusion

[quote]dharmabum31 wrote:
There are so many good programs on this site and elsewhere, but none of them really fit my need, so I have to come up with a split of my own.[/quote]
Wendler’s “Effective Training for Busy Men” has a 3-day a week plan, where one day is easy-ish and “assistance”-based that should be doable in even the most basic small town gym:

What are your goals? That’s going to make a good bit of difference in what “type” of program would be more appropriate.

I’m almost positive that SteelyD and Hip Scar travel a ton and still get their training in. Maybe track them down and pick their brains.
Hip Scar’s Log:

I’d second the suggestion to bring your own gear if you can, but a kettlebell will be pretty impractical unless you’re doing all your traveling in your own car. No way I’d want to lug a kettlebell around as luggage on trains, planes, or buses. A band set and basic familiarty with bodyweight exercises will be a great investment.

Here’s an old, locked thread in the T-Cell with a bunch of people tossing out their ideas:

Thanks for chiming in, Chris. And thank you even more for researching and finding those links for me! I’ll definitely check them all out. My main goal right now is fat loss and retaining muscle, which I think is definitely feasible with strength training when home and circuits (or something more fat loss oriented) while I’m away. I’ll check out those links and then post what I’m going with in case anyone is curious.