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Programming Power Clean Into 4 Days Schedule

Hi Jim, I’m following your 5/3/1 since last September and results are awesome! I’ve just started 12 weeks BBB challenge after finished 6 weeks BBB challenge. I want to know if it’s possible to program power clean into the program if I train 4 days / week? my schedule is:

Saturday: Squat + BBB + assistance (longes, RDL, etc.)

Sunday: Military Press + BBB + assistance (Pull ups, BB row, high pulls, etc.)

Monday: Cosgrov’s 8 complex + conditioning

Tuesday: Deadlift + BBB + assistance (front squat, good mornings, etc.)

Wednesday: Bench Press + BBB + assistance (Pull ups, DB rows, push ups, etc.)

Thursday: Cosgrov’s 8 complex + conditioning (weighted walking, sprints, or anything I’m ready to do)

Friday: Passive recovery

I don’t know how to program power cleans into the schedule, I’m still learning the movement so I’m not going to lift heavy

Here are my 1RM stats:

Squat: 120KG
Military Press: 75Kg
Deadlift: 150Kg
Bench Press: 100kg

Thanks in advance Jim for your help and for your great program, you really changed my life.

We NEVER do PC with BBB.

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Thank you very much Jim, I will postpone it until I finish 12 weeks challenge. So, what will be best template (4 days not 3) to use when programming power clean into 5/3/1?

FSL, original, SSL, 5x531 work well. Remember there is a balance to everything and if you push something in, you have to pull something out. Too many people try to everything at once. That is where you burn out, overtrain and piss down your goals.

For example, if you are trying to decrease your mile time, BBB is not a smart move.

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Great advice Jim, will not forget it.

I will study the book again once I finish 12 Weeks and follow your guidelines.

BTW I wish I can meet you one day, Don’t you think to visit Egypt? we can arrange a good visit for you and you are most welcome in my family. I hope you take it seriously.