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Programming of Prehab Movements?

Paul, I was wondering if you have any go to prehab movements like facepulls, band pull aparts etc. That you tend to include in your programs? Do you feel such movements should always be included or do you just add them in on an as needed basis?

Not really anymore.

I’ve never been up on that stuff very much, in terms of like “activation work” or “prehab” stuff etc.

And that was just driven home more with the bio mechanics guys I work with now as well. All movements have the potential to be corrective movements if they are done properly.

Think about it - unless you’re injured, why are you doing that shit? Your programming, if done correctly, along with your movement execution, should be handling all of these issues.

So if your programming is setup really well then you shouldn’t be needing to do corrective movements because all the movements you’re doing in training have the potential to be corrective themselves.

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Selfish question. When do we get to benefit from the work you’re doing with the biomechanics guy? Is there a book/guide in the works or something?

Follow Paul and look into N1 education.

I started following N1, because of Paul’s advice. Great content over there.

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Yeah I work closely with the N1 guys and I highly recommend you guys follow them and pay attention to their stuff. Honestly the best in the business and they do a great job of dispelling the bullshit myths you see put out by a lot of “influencers”.