Programming Next Few Months

First off - I’ve BOUGHT both books, and read both several times through. So thank you for those.

Setting up my next few months programming, just finishing up 4th cycle. For context, been lifting less than 2 years, 1000lb total, 6’5". Weak as hell. I have fixed my eating habits, and have gone from 215 to 245, and continue moving up as needed.

The basic 531 principles seem pretty clear. Also seems clear that trading volume and intensity through the cycle (however long that cycle is, if we are talking some mesocycle type thing) is the idea.

I’d like to add BBB. I’d like to cycle 5x10 @60% on 5s week, 5x5@80% on 3s week, and 5x3@90% on 531 week. My reasoning is this will reinforce what is going on with the main programming so far as volume and intensity, and keep things moving. My goals on on the + days are 10,7,5 fast clean reps.

I don’t think in all the examples I have seen I’ve seen BBB cycled quite this quickly on the same cadence as the main workout. Maybe that means it’s stupid, but it seems to make sense that it would exaggerate what a already happening. It seems a more advanced lifter requires a longer cycle. It seems that as newer weaker lifter, going through the maximum volume->intensity each cycle would not be a bad idea.

We are having a kid in a bit, I just want some simple programming I can put together for several months, where I can:

continue getting strong,
be less of a piece of shit,
make no excuses, get in,
hit every single planned rep cleanly and quickly,
and get the Fuck out.

Some of the longer 13 week or 28 week plans would fit the bill, and if thats what I should do, thats what I will do, but I wanted to ask about this variation. Either way, I’ll do it to a T, and give a 6 month update when I’m done.

Is the above variation an approved plan, or will I get dick cancer?

Dick Cancer, risk increased 75%.

Seriously, congrats on the upcoming birth.

Don’t get too wrapped up in it, it’s assistance work. As long as you’re not missing the 5/3/1, looks fine.

I personally liked, First set last, doing 5 sets of 5-8 reps with the first set for assistance.

Thanks for the thoughts. The only other assistance will be super setting in rows / chins during pressing, and super setting in box jumps in between sets of deads and squats. Nice and simple. That along with my thrice weekly weighted vest walks for 2 mi…the dogs got to get walked.

Altogether we can call this the Dick Cancer Protocol. I’ll report back.