Programming Military Press with One Fixed Weight?

Hi guys. I recently stopped going to the g outdoors gym with chin and dip bars. And and a barbell with locked plates on for a total of 37.5 kg. The thing is i really want to build shoulders since thats my big weakness. Any suggestions on how do it with a fixed weight of 37,5 kg which i can do 5x5 and no more. I was thinking of doing militarypress 2 Times a week + handstand pushups 1 a week, for a total of 3 shoulder when i also do variated calisthenics. Is it a bad Idea to do: militarypress (37,5 kg) 3x8 on monday, HSPU 3x6 on thursday and 5x5 (37,5 kg) behind the neck? I am familiar with all 3 movements… I hope i made any sense and that anyone with some knowledge could a finger in the right direction. Cheers

Work your way up to being able to do 20+ reps with it OR add additional weight using ankle or wrist weights on your wrists.

Also, get some dbs & start doing front & lateral raises.

Push-presses for more than 5 reps are another option.

Right now i can 8x3 with proper form, should my next goal be, A: Try to do 8x4 or B: Try to do 9-10x3. I mean when i can do 12 should i still be doing 3-4 sets? Cheers

I would start at 10 sets of 3. Then 10 sets of 4 and so on until I reach 10 sets of 10.

When you get the 100 total reps you shoot for 100 total reps in 9 sets, then 8 sets and so on. This should take you a while and will constantly be progressing.


Sounds like a solid progressive plan. I have tried 10x10 before with good results. Do you reckon i could perform militarypress 3x a week? Thanks for spreding your knowledge

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Easy answer is yes, but it’s really going to depend how well you recover and at what point your at along the progression. When you start getting to the higher reps it’s going to take it’s toll more, you will start hitting failure more frequently and hence may need more recovery time. Try it and see how it goes.

Remember though that each jump may take you a few tries and sometimes even a few weeks, don’t expect to be able to hit your numbers session after session.

Another thing to consider is spending a little money on some resistance bands, you can then increase the resistance on your fixed weight.

Plus you can play with tempo, pauses, shortened rest periods, super long eccentrics all to make it more challenging.

Yeah rubber bands Sounds like a good Idea. You are right, i Will be able to progress for a long time. I Will start hitting the gym in less than 4 months anyway. Thanks mate!

Agreed, and do band Pull-aparts and facepulls with them. All that OH work would make my shoulders funky without some light rear delt activation.

I’d try this for more variety too: Tip: The Triple Dumbbell Press

(Except with barbell)

I like the idea with 10x3 towards 10x10. Gnarly. If you go at least 4x a week, I’d also try (personally) a smolov jr all with the same weight - 6x6, 7x5, 8x4, 10x3, repeat next week.

I can see why you prefer it, more variation=more fun. I Will look in to this program! Thx

Handstand pushups is one of the most effective exercises for great shoulders. Also, recommend to get at least 24 kg kettlebell - it will give your shoulders great shape and power. Good luck