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Programming: Maintain Strength


Rejoining a semi-competitive volleyball league. Games on Monday night (~2 hrs, nonstop) and practice one other night (~1 hr)

I just want to keep the size/strength I have and not mess things up. It's a lot of jumping, diving, sprinting. I'll have a dedicated hour for workouts the other days of the week.

Again, I'd like to not lose size- increasing strength would be great. I'm not sure what sort of sets/reps I should use, or how many days.

Recommendations? Thanks!


Not Jim, but here's my stab, you could do a two day a week template or in-season type of template using 5/3/1 5s pro or regular 5/3/1 scheme but don't go too crazy on any plus sets, but it boils down to how many days outside of volleyball and other things can you commit to train? I see you say an hour each day, but I'd go the route of using a two days a week template, no more than three and one of those three would be the same as the day of practice to consolidate stressors so to speak.


I'm not 100% sure that anything significant needs to change. I'm sure you could make a few minor adjustments to your program to account for the work done in the volleyball games/practice, but i imagine you'd be able to train and gain strength like usual. I think if you eat accordingly you'll maintain your size just fine. Just the ol' .02


Two "kinda" hard days of volleyball? You can train however you want.