Programming Lower with Fractured Foot?

First post for me, I’ve been lurking for around a year now and I’ve realized this is THE place to get good info so its time for me to dive in.

I need some help and no one around where I live is able to do it so I figured this is the perfect place, I dug around on the site/forums and found some general info but my question is a bit more specific. It’s basically this; what can I do for lower workout of an upper/lower split with a fractured foot being that I can’t balance well or put weight on the ball of my right foot. I’m basically relegated to using machines such as leg curls; however I have found that I can do a leg press if I keep just my heels on it and push through them and not my whole foot. Deadlifts, squats and their variations are out for a couple of weeks, basically anything that I have to push through my foot. Are there any cool exercise Iâ??ve probably never thought of? Are there ideal set/rep ranges on the machines (I don’t have much experience with them)? Cardio isn’t a big problem I just row + bike (which sucks).
I know I may not be able to progress much while injured but I certainly don’t want to loose any strength.

Some specifics of me/my program if you want
Program: Cressy’s Max strength (phase 3,) - Basically upper/lower split 4 days a week, 1 day intervals, 1 day technique practice and 1 day off
Training exp: 2 yrs
Height: 5 11
Weight: 194 lbs
Diet: PN
Goal: Strength

Single leg work my friend. Single leg work. I know you said you can’t balance well, but you can still perform single leg work with assistance from upper extremities for balance. You may have to alter your goals for the time being as well.