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Programming Jumps?

I’m looking to start up a new 531 cycle this week and I’m looking to do the jumps pre squats/dead’s. I can admit I’m fully out of shape working on conditioning but I’ve never really done jumps before? Should I regress to basic forms of jumps, working on technique first before moving into the jumps he’s listed in the book?

It’s only 10-15 jumps. You can be pretty out of shape and still get that done (eg… jumping once every 30 seconds for 10 jumps is only 5 minutes). Just jump as high as you can, no need to over think it.

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I agree with @strongmangoals. Don’t overthink this, but get the work in and make it part of your routine. I rotate between jumps and med ball throws. Do them in sets of 3 - 5. Here’s an example of how I do it:

Airdyne: 2.5 min.
5 warm up jumps / throws. Each one a bit higher than the last, but still, as warm ups, these are easy.
Airdyne 1.5 min:
5 throws / jumps first set.
Airdyen 1 min
5 throws / jumps second set.

I also do some BW work and mobility in between. Then I start my barbell work

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I agree with the above posters but will enrich the discourse with this suggestion that’s from my own experience: if you are having a day where your joints feel surprisingly beat up or stiff I recommend jumping up on a box. It doesn’t have to be high enough to be challenging, it’s just nicer than having to your full weight coming back down completely from the apex of a jump

Also, how heavy are you? If you’re obese jumps might be harsh and I don’t necessarily recommend jumping with 100% fervour. I don’t know enough about obesity to advise you to not jump at all however

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If it concerns you, start small and build up over time.

If a few small jumps jacks you up, a prerequisite might be losing weight and/or getting your body used to the impact.

Most important thing is to learn to fall properly and absorb the impact.

If you do them pre big lift, best is to do in sets of 3-5 like @antiquity said, in order to prime your CNS. Jumps should almost never be done in a fatigued state

Says the guy that does them between squats :wink:

I’m reasonably fit and I’ll still jump a few times fairly light before I go for max vert just to not risk injury.

There are done before squats :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah in ALAS they are done in between squats, Crossfit style… Horrible… But I mean we’ve been jumping an landing for years before doing that ahah

ALAS was one of the first programs I ran lol

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  1. First thing I teach is how to land. So be sure you are landing in a “strong/athletic” position. As if you are ready to fight a lion and you are about to absorb his full weight. Make sure you are absorbing the energy when you land.

  2. Box Jumps (and not jumping off box once completing the jump…kneeling on box and stepping down to get off box) are probably the easiest “jump” variation. Like I say to my athletes - “Don’t MISS!” Just like you don’t have to max out on facepulls every day to make progress - same with box jumps.

  3. If you have access to a med ball (8-15lbs), make sure you go out and do some throws. Awesome for every level of lifter/athlete.

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