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Programming Jumps to Chinup Bar



New poster. I couldn’t find this answer, so it led me to signing up.

Trying to train for squat speed/power. Jumping to a bar 12" from extended fingertips is difficult and metabolically taxing after a few attempts.

Would this be a good exercise (good time investment/relatively low impact exercise) to train speed/RFD/vertical jump? It seems pretty easily measurable, so it could be programmed…but if you’d use it…how would you scale it? Reps or height?

Thanks for your input!


Question… how old are you? All so what is your BW?


Thanks for your help.

45, 5’10", 205#

Reps are pretty hard work at 205, they come a lot easier at 185#.


Dropping 20 pounds should be equally easy as repping pullups.


Ha, ha!

No doubt! You’re right. Proper bodyweight has a whole host of benefits.

Although, to be clear, the goal is not to rep pull-ups, but train the jump and rate of force development.



Wendler and DeFranco have said to do 3 sets of 5 jumps, or 5 sets of 3 jumps, twice per week, in different articles or routines.

Louie Simmons says 40 total jumps, twice per week.

Eric Bach says 18-24 (4sets of 4 to 6 jumps)jumps in a T-Nation article.

They are talking about broad jumps for the low reps and box jumps for the higher reps. I don’t know much about jumping to the chin up bar though. How hard is it on your shoulders? Maybe I’m a puss, but I think 40 “dynamic hangs” might pull my arms off.

I did lots of jumps last summer when I was doing a Wendler 5/3/1 sort of routine. Most of the time I jumped up on to a box, or did broad jumps. Or hops 1-2 forward, then up onto the box.

As far as progression, maybe start with 15 or 20 jumps, and work up to 40 over 3 weeks. Then increase height, start back at 15 and work up again.


Just curious Op…are you training your legs?


Thanks for the info Flats!

You’re probably right about the “dynamic hangs” it is a little rough on the shoulders, so I may transition those to broad jumps. I just like the chin bar because it’s a measurable go/no-go target.

I don’t like jumping on a box


Sure! I train mostly big lifts. I haven’t done much speed work and I’m trying to figure out how incorporate some speed work into my program, wondering if this will work?


There is some solid advice in here.

I can only add- what has worked and hurt me.

basically I have a fake knee- (damaged)
currently I can only program jumps 1x or 2x month
prior to that
I had great success with a few things
now im a smallish guy - and at 45 Im kinda broken
did ALOT of this kind of work - in college and post college
and it helped me develop lots of power and yes explosive power.
later - mid to late thirties - it helped me allot on squat deadlift day

potentiation - believe is the science behind it.

using jumps on a squat or deadlift day
( or cleans etc )
in this order- what gave me the most with the least impact negatively
continuous broad jump
kneeling jumps
seated box jumps
trap bar jumps

continuous broad jumps- had the best results
great for power
Brian Alrushe ( he posts here as Alpha)

this whole video is great for warm up
crawls especially- another day.
basically- he does some kind of jump every time he squats or pulls.

kneeling jumps
defranco has some vids on these

louis simmons has spoke about these.

this is a GREAT video.
Louis is at his best in non sequitors- my 2 cents.
his comments are always gold- and you have to really piece together allot of what he says - like doing movements for time.
what I mean by piece it together -is he is so smart - its hard to follow
classic eastern block stuff.

another take

these kneeling jumps-
into snatch
into clean
straight jump
build ALOT of power
but you cant do many
or too frequently.
3x3 or 3x5 at bw.

I did these in college first saw them over seas- in the USSR
then we did metric shit tons of them at the OTC in colorado

last - seated box jumps-
this vid is great- Matt Vincent breaks it down in plain english for meat heads.

trap bar jumps- did these for a year or two - at every dead lift session
great way to warm up.

all of this jumping is hard on old farts.
and hard on the knees-
3x3 or 3x5 1x or 2x weekly at bw
then figure out loading- reps or that you have to back off.

sorry for the novel.

edit- my apologies for the videos
tried to share them via youtube at specific times.
all in all they are great - sorry that you may have to watch the entire vid.


“in this order- what gave me the most with the least impact negatively”

Thanks for the thoughts and links, finding an explosive rep/loading scheme that’ll keep an older lifter active without being too hard on the body

This is great advice.

I appreciate your thoughts.