Programming Jumps for Resilience and Strength

I compete in strongman but am not prepping for anything at the moment so my goals are to put on a little more weight and increase strength in my primary lifts until I switch gears to a show prep. I currently train with the following 4 day split:

Sunday: hill sprints and bodyweight upper body (pulls ups, dips, suspension strap work etc)

Tuesday: Full body, compound movements 3-5 rep range

Thursday: Upper body, machines and isolation work incorporated, 6-12 rep range

Friday: Lower body, machines and isolation work incorporated, 6-12 rep range

Regarding hill sprints, I do them primarily because I feel they help me stay quick and more resilient for strongman, but also just because I enjoy them and I like to get outside away from the weight room. However, I’d like to switch things up and incorporate some vertical and broad jumping in place of the hill sprints as I feel they may have a little more carry over to certain explosive strongman events while still satisfying the aforementioned reasons. I’ve also read a bit about adding jump work before heavy compound movements to improve muscle fiber recruitment and thus improve strength. What are your thoughts on this concept, @Christian_Thibaudeau ?

My preference would be to keep my split the same and just swap the jumps in place of the sprints, but I’d also consider adding them as a “primer” on Tuesday (still dropping the hill sprints) if I’d get an added benefit to strength that way.

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