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Programming Ideas for the Power Tower?

Hello, I recently bought a roman chair and I think it’s fantastic.

However, some people told me that in order to train, it was imperative to have other bodybuilding tools?

For my part I find that the power tower is more than enough (except for the legs of course)

If you have any ideas for a program with this type of structure I’m listening.

I think you need to provide some context, is the roman chair and power tower all you have? What are your goals?

How do you know that its more than enough if you don’t have ideas for how to structure your training?

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Can we make sure we’re talking about the same thing? You have something like this, that you can do pull-ups and dips with?

If so, then only doing dips, chins/pull-ups, and push-ups can build a decent amount of upper body muscle. But the lower body is obviously lacking attention and bodyweight-only training can only go so far before it gets too easy to be effective.

That depends on why you’re training. Like the guys have said, we need more info about what you’re trying to do.

If that was all I had, I’d do this:

It’s meant to complement other training, not be a standalone program, but it’s certainly better than no structured plan at all.

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I honestly don’t think you can go wrong with doing as many as you want, every day, of:

  • Pull-ups
  • Dips
  • Leg Raises
  • Lunges (or single-leg squats if you’re a hero)
  • Run or burpees or whatever terrible heart rate work you love to hate