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Programming Help - 2 Days/Week

Jim, due to a combination of work/family time constraints and a pretty-lengthy injury history (past surgeries on low back, ankles and rotator cuff), I found myself drawn to a “low volume” style of programming. Right now, I am trying to set up a 2-day week routine that would take about 45-60 minutes per workout. On other days, I try to fit in mobility and light core work when I have a few free minutes and also try to walk daily. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. Love your style of programming! Thanks.

You can use any of the dozens of 2 day/week 5/3/1 programs and/or 2x2x2 programs. I’m not sure what you are asking. It’s all out there and already been written and discussed - and there is a huge thread on this forum. Lots of examples there. We are also doing the “Perpetually In-Season Adult Agoge” on my personal forum soon.

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Thanks, Jim. I’ll do some further research on the site regarding the existing 2 day/week programs and also go back through 531 book. Appreciate the advice.

check it out :slight_smile: