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Programming Help (15 Years)

Since I started lifting, I’ve honestly not tried very hard to make awesome gains, but now I feel it needs to change.

I bench 190, squat 280, and deadlift 300. I weigh ~160. Does anyone have any advice of where to go from here? I have the book of methods and EFSBenchmanual just to read for fun, and don’t know if it would be okay to go on to Westside or not right now for the best gains.

Assuming I have my diet in check, what would you guys recommend for a program for me to run? If westside is fine, then i’d apperciate some guidance (tips etc.)in that area too since I realize it is fairly complex, from reading the books.

If not, i’d still like some advice with whatever program you guys recommend.

Thanks a lot.


Start eating 18x bw in kcal. Do a upper-lower split and increase your total volume.

[quote]csp wrote:

Assuming I have my diet in check,

You don’t.

Okay, really, what’s your diet like?

Post your diet man,

How long have you been doing whatever program you’re currently doing? If you’ve been doing it for quite some time and you’re making good strength gains out of it, then just up your calories and deload if you’re doing anything like 5x5 and go to 3x5 for a week then go back to it and eat 18-20xBW in Kcal.

If that’s your current stats for the weights your lifting, that’s awesome.

Higher volume would help greatly though.

Post your diet, and current routine.

Holy crap, you squat almost 300 and you only weigh 160? Vid pls.

[quote]Nate86 wrote:
Holy crap, you squat almost 300 and you only weigh 160? Vid pls.[/quote]

Haha my thoughts also.