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Programming Heavy Walk Outs/Holds

How would one go about implementing and programming heavy walk outs and holds (110% of 1RM) for squat strength and core?

I don’t know what Jim thinks, but I wouldn’t do that unless you are peaking for a powerlifting meet. There are much less taxing ways to build core strength, all it really does is make whatever weight you can squat feel lighter but it’s not much use unless you are planning to do max singles soon.

Never programmed these in personally, but from what I have read its something you only program in once per training cycle when you are moving form a strength mesocycle to a peaking mesocycle. Just as a way to really get accustomed to heavier loads.

I would say you could fit them in, but I would say program them in as Jokers probably on the 3’s week of an Anchor. Do not go for a PR set prior.

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