Programming For Sport + Diet Check

I’ve been using WS4SB and have been making good progress. Not strictly a skinny b, but I like the program and it works. Recently hit a deadlift, front squat and dumbbell press PR. Figures are:

Deadlift: 190kg (418 lbs) x 1
Front Squat: 100kg (220 lbs) x 1
Dumbbell Press: 38kg (83 lbs) x 5
@87 kg (191 lbs) - 15%bf (using calipers all over)

the progress is steady and I am breaking one PR every week.

My Problem is now I start Rugby training and am not sure exactly how to program it in. Training is twice a week and obviously there is match day.

My initial thoughts below are:

Monday - Rugby Training
Tuesday - Push
Wednesday - Rugby Training
Thursday - Pull
Friday Off
Saturday - Rugby Match
Sunday - Lower Max Effort

I assume the dynamic work/hypertrophy for legs will come through training and match days (lots of sprinting). On the Push or Pull day I intend to do one max effort lift and the rest high reps.

What are your thoughts? This is not for rugby players only, it’s for everyone to answer.

Not sure how helpful it will be but here is my diet. Won’t be changing it as I would like to improve my conditioning/comp which will in turn help my performance.

Description	                  P/F/C

7am Oats and Whey 50/nil/60
12pm Chicken, Veg and Mixed Nuts 50/20/nil
3.30pm Lamb/Beef Veg and Mixed Nuts 50/20/nil
7pm PW shake Whey and Maltodextrin 50/nil/100
10pm Chicken, Rice 50/nil/60

Total 250/40/220


There is an in-season template for WS4SB.
One day is max effort upper, another is max effort lower and the third day is repetition upper. Works well for maintaining strength.


Cheers theBird. So on which days would you recommend doing which?

I would suggest moving this to the “Bigger, Stronger, Leaner” sub forum. I believe you would receive more responses, since, several of the people who hang out there, train for Rugby.

[quote]TrapsLatsnHat wrote:
Cheers theBird. So on which days would you recommend doing which?[/quote]
Well this is what I did. I am a soccer player, and my games are usually Saturday night or Snday afternoon and my team training is on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

I would try to do ‘repetition upper’ either the day after my game(if I was not too beat up) or the day after. I then would try to do ‘max effort lower’ on Tuesday before training or sometimes on Wednesday. I try to fit legs in earlier in the week to avoid leg soreness for the weekends game, although it can be tricky trying to train during the week with sore legs. I then do ‘max effort upper’ either on Thursday or Friday. I try avoiding lifting the day before my game.

I found the program was good for maintenance and I even made some decent gains in strength on weeks I pushed myself. I have a log “Bird Cage 4”, if you want to check it out.

I hope this helps.


Thanks for the input, will take a look. The thread was moved (mods?) to combat. Not sure how I can move it to any other.

Bump up your carbs

I’m not sure how intense your Rugby practice is, but I run into a very similar problem with programming due to being in the military. It can be very difficult trying to get stronger when you have constant training curve balls thrown out at you(for you this might range from a cancelled practice to an extremely rough practice with a potential injury).

For me, I have found the best method to get stronger through this is just an abbreviated strength training program but I am always monitoring fatigue and adjusting my workout accordingly.

For example, if our physical training gets cancelled and I am at 100% I will do 5x4+ reps for my strength sets and usually hit PRs in either weight or reps. On the other hand, if we did a 8 mile run with lots of push ups, pull ups, and other body weight stuff along the way, then I will adjust to maybe 1-3 top sets and 2 drop sets for that same set. If it is a rough enough day, then I will do something similar to deload type workout at 70%.

This is my protocol for upper body movements, for lower body I just do 1 heavy set of squats and 1 heavy set of deadlifts or block pulls at the end of the week with light accessory work during the week(in the past I’ve used hamstring curls, leg extensions, GHR, and reverse hypers at an easy weight). I think for athletes training their lower body, partial movements like block pulls and high box squats are amazing tools. They allow you to move heavy weight and develop strength while at the same time being easier to recover from so you can still run well.

Hope that helps some, good luck with your training.

Thanks for the info guys. I like WS4SB because it does exactly what you say Sitdownman. You are regulating your lifts based on your current state. So if I do have a tough session one day then I just account for that when I lift the following day…seems simple enough.

Chobbs, what is/are the reason(s) to bump up the carbs?

I’m trying to get very lean for rugby (and in general). Would say it’s my current no1 goal. Doing a carb cycling / timing diet with morning LISS and WS4SB late evening. Been toying with the idea of the V-Diet, just waiting for payday!