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Programming for High School Baseball Team

My baseball program has been huge advocates of yours for a few years now. We have implemented many of the programs from 5,3,1 forever. We have a lifting period every other day in school for an hour and a half. We only get two days a week to lift.

Here is what we have done so far this year: I wanted to hear some feedback on what we can do to improve.

So far we did one cycle of BBB, once cycle of 5,3,1 original. All programs based off 1 rep max from beginning of August and we run them at 85 to 90% TM. We wont retest till before winter break. We added the 5,10 lbs per cycle.

So it would look something like this;

5/3/1 original Squat
5/3/1 original Bench

Single Leg RDL (Landmine)
Single leg Bulgarian

Single Arm Row (Landmine)
Chin Up
(4 Second hold; top and decent ) 4x4
Face pulls
(3 sec hold and decent)

3x8 AB Roller

I understand it may be a little more on accessories, but baseball players need some different unilateral and bilateral movements. That is our day every other day. Do you have any suggestions or other programs to run. I would also like your input for in season workouts. Do you have any recommendations? Ever since we have implemented your teaching we have become bigger, faster, and stronger with your programming. Thank you again!