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Programming Farmer Carries for Natural Lifters?


You’re preaching to the choir, I almost never do abs directly and they are very nice. But if you’re not satisfied there’s only way it’s adding some isolation. It will also improve mind-muscle connection etc…

Take a look at the “Abs blitz” or better, if you like carries, the “Ab shredder” both by CT (I’ve been doing the last one this month for a cut and it’s great)


Thanks. Can you send me the link so I can take a better look at the article just so I can get a better understanding for when I give it a shot.


They don’t take much time, and remember that improving your mind-muscle connection will also make you use your abs more fficiently during carries


Thanks mate. I appreciate it. Sorry if I sounded a bit on the moody side, afterall its that time of the month for me as a women. :sweat_smile: But cheers!

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No worries, let us know how it went for you


Will do mate. I still can’t do it atm cause I still need to get more free weights from my local fitness/sport store witch there are 2 of from my place and everywhere else. Just goes to show that we are the most sportest country on earth. :sweat_smile:


Since I am currently still doing carriers, what would be the minimum days I should do my workouts for? Is 3 days for the minimum amount or should I do more? Cause since I am hitting every body part doing more bang for my buck, should more frequency matter? And should I consume more carbs and/or protien since I am a female. Cause apparently females need more carb and fat and less protien. Is that true or all bullshit. Again all I want is the best results possible and I am not sure if that is what I should do. Let me know sobI know for the future.


I reread the thread and I don’t think you mentioned what your goals are other than having better abs. If you train for strength, hypertrophy, or fat loss, the way you perform carries as well as volume and frequency will vary. Once again nutrition will also vary, but know that men and women should probably eat the same


I do apologize for that cause at that time I was in a rush to a GP appointment so I didn’t get time to explain it very well in detail so I will explain. My main goal is to not only keep the fat off but also keep lean as humanly possible. Again I am not a competitive bodybuilder or athlete I am just a casual looking for a healthy way to gain some mass without the use of whey proteins (excluding cows milk) I originally wanted whey but it was too pricey for me so I went all out natual to fit into my budget and saved me a tone of time. Again I just want to be loose some excess fat and pit on some muscle.


You don’t need whey at all (but actually I do not find it to be expensive). But I can’t really recommand cow milk. Gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time is almost impossible unless you’re a beginner (or you’ve been training/eating wrong prior). But it can be done. I suggest eating as much clean food as possible, eating around 1.5 to 1.8 grams of protein per kilo of bodyweight.

As for training 3x a week can be perfectly fine for gaining muscle. For carries you can do them 3x a week depending of your strength level and recovery. You should shoot for 30-60m ideally, and preferably vary the kind of carries you do


Thanks mate I apreciate it and also I have been a health nut for over 3 yrs now so eating clean is my forte and I reaserch heavily on different foods as well. The only occasional thing I have is tomato sauce (don’t worry, I have been having a brand that has no added refined sugar and all it is, is fructose). The amount of bacon and wheat bix I go through every morning is rediculous (inc. canned tuna for lunch with wholemeal/wholegrain biscuits with added vintage chedder.) So my nutrient intake is high inc. 4 fruits a day mainly pears, apples mandarin and so on so you get the point. But I am very health nuts and I am proud to eat boring.:sweat_smile: And my strength level is at a solid 20kg, 10kg for suitcase (sorry don’t know imperial, I am from Australia after all.) but I still need to get a scale cause the other one shat itself so eventually I will do my calculations but height and waist with current weight. So let me know what you think mate, I apreciate your thoughts and happy to talk and reply to you and anybody else at anytime :blush:


No problem. I can eat very boring stuff as well but I think you might be worrying a bit too much about this! When I dieted down the past two months (for my pic) I didn’t even count my calories.
When I was at the lowest point of my depression a few months ago I was eating McDonalds everyday and I gained maybe 3 kilos in 2 months? I’m just meaning to say you don’t have to go too hard with this unless you have a contest prep

But since I eat roughly the same thing every day it’s easy to adjust. Maybe you are actually eating not enough calories? Do you have a rough idea of how much calories you ingest? And what about vegetables? Also I would probably do down a bit on the fruit maybe 2 a day.

That’s 20kgs per side? That’s nice! But for what distance? Also height and weight?


I have been loving veggies since I started preschool and still obsessed with them to this day. Almost everyday I eat them and I meant to say 20 in total so 10 on each side cause I still need to get another 20 from my local sports store (and I have at least 5 around my area) and I do take notice but I don’t count them at all cause a very long time I have known that calories were super inaccurate and way off there % margin for the RDI and same goes for here and in Australia we are still stuck in the 90s and 80s in terms of food and health. Hell even in our public healthand nutrition book by the aussie government says to avoid monounsaturated and intake polysaturated fats more often witch blows for people who are looking for the right choices but anyways the distance I do is automatically calculated via Samsung Health but it changes not due the built in application but me, so at times it can be a generous 30 meters but it can lower buy 5-10ish and time is usually between 10-14 and may as well just stick with 2 large pears or royal gala’s


Hey, I know this may seem a bit weird or make you uncomfortable but is it ok (if you do) add you to facebook? I just want some advice from a person who has done this for more years than I have and also just want some tips and hints for the future is all. I hope you don’t mind. And just makes it easier for me to do so I don’t have to go back and forth. Thanks. Again you can say no I have no issues with that at all


No problem I enjoy talking about this…


You sure its ok I talk about this with you further in facebook?? Cause I find this interesting as well


I wouldn’t have said yes otherwise!


Just so you’re aware, there’s an entire section where experienced women lifters can give you more advice: https://forums.t-nation.com/c/powerful-women

Aldebaran is a solid guy, but there are also plenty of other resources on the site here that can help you.

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shedding a tear of joy

Indeed there are many people more experienced and qualified here, but there’s no harm in discussing sports!


Sorry I just wasn’t sure is all! :sweat_smile: But I just like discussing these things and also just want some advice here and there as well. But here is my Facebook link: https://m.facebook.com/kira.newton2
Thanks mate :blush: