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Programming Farmer Carries for Natural Lifters?

I have read both of your articles for when comes to natual lifters for volume, reps/sets, etc. and I am just wondering how it would work for carriers, especially Farmer Carriers and other sub types like the suitcase for example. How can I convert individual workouts to free weights. Its been stumping me ever since, since its only time and/or distance. Once I do get a clearer image I can then just focus on my goals a lot easier. Thanks.

Here’s how I use them. Same principles. Just time under tension instead of reps. I like to do 2-3 3 times per week versus lots of sets on one day.

For Strength: 10-30s
For Hypertrophy: 45-90s

Do distance versus time in my opinion. Foot speed is important for carries, assuming you are performing them for athletic qualities as well.

In comps, it’s all about distance/time.

When you talk about 20-30 seconds, do you mean for redt periods or when doing the actual carriers? I am just a little confused is all

I thought speed didn’t really matter in carriers?

Speed matters for athleticism, and for competitions. I guess if you are solely going after time under tension, but I think time/distance is better for tracking progress. Time is just one variable.

If it takes you 30 seconds to carry a 200lb keg 100’ and you get that down to 25 seconds, you’ve gotten stronger/faster. Likewise, if you can go from carrying 400lbs for 50’ without dropping it to 75’, you’ve gotten faster and stronger.

Or you used sloppy form. You’ve probably got great form, but lots of people will just do whatever it takes to move faster at the expense of quality.

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Work periods.

Cause just as a heads up I am a female and from the land down under so I am not sure how to convert Ibs to kg and can only lift 20kg and I am only a casual and never was interested in competitions and just want to do it to feel more, well energetic and, well pretty much overall fitness. So I just want to do strength related stuff as a healthy hobby as you would say but as for athleticism its pretty much 2 sidesof the coin. But thanks for the info anyways. I will surely use it for the future. :blush:

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And just as a quick side note, I am currently doing the suitcase version of the carriers and just wondering what does the main abdominal do better on in terms of sub and/or main? Suitcase or the main one. Cause I have been continuously been doing the suitcase one for quite a few years now and I am getting very small results on my abdominal (main) but getting awesome results on my obliques. I dont know how to improve it and I am not sure if its lack of nutrients (even though I have been lately eating quite a few more carbs than I normally have in a day (because of menstral cycle) or not sitting up enough or anything else. I am just sort of confused as to how to improve it further and get the results I have been dying to get. If your just as confused as me or this whole info is confusing you, let me know and I will go back and explain it in a bit more detail. Thanks mates for this. :slight_smile:

If you want “the main abs” you should train it like a regular muscle and add work on top of the carries.

I thought the carriers already do that. Both deadlifts and carriers do the main abs way better than any exercise in the entire list. I thought the fsrmer carriers do the main abs extraordinarily well then any other exercises out there. And that is what I am mainly doing and many studies show this but my abs are flat but still a little bit of loose muscle (if you know what I mean) that I am still doing my best to work on but its still at the same level. And everyday I am doing it and still not getting that flat stomach that I am still trying to get.

You’re preaching to the choir, I almost never do abs directly and they are very nice. But if you’re not satisfied there’s only way it’s adding some isolation. It will also improve mind-muscle connection etc…

Take a look at the “Abs blitz” or better, if you like carries, the “Ab shredder” both by CT (I’ve been doing the last one this month for a cut and it’s great)

Thanks. Can you send me the link so I can take a better look at the article just so I can get a better understanding for when I give it a shot.

They don’t take much time, and remember that improving your mind-muscle connection will also make you use your abs more fficiently during carries

Thanks mate. I appreciate it. Sorry if I sounded a bit on the moody side, afterall its that time of the month for me as a women. :sweat_smile: But cheers!

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No worries, let us know how it went for you

Will do mate. I still can’t do it atm cause I still need to get more free weights from my local fitness/sport store witch there are 2 of from my place and everywhere else. Just goes to show that we are the most sportest country on earth. :sweat_smile:

Since I am currently still doing carriers, what would be the minimum days I should do my workouts for? Is 3 days for the minimum amount or should I do more? Cause since I am hitting every body part doing more bang for my buck, should more frequency matter? And should I consume more carbs and/or protien since I am a female. Cause apparently females need more carb and fat and less protien. Is that true or all bullshit. Again all I want is the best results possible and I am not sure if that is what I should do. Let me know sobI know for the future.

I reread the thread and I don’t think you mentioned what your goals are other than having better abs. If you train for strength, hypertrophy, or fat loss, the way you perform carries as well as volume and frequency will vary. Once again nutrition will also vary, but know that men and women should probably eat the same