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Programming Deadlift Variations Throughout the Week?

I’ve gotten to a point where i can only train deadlift once a week what variations would allow me to train it with more frequency

Are you saying you only have the time to deadlift once a week, or are you not recovering enough to deadlift multiple times a week?

I cant recover from more then 1 deadlift a week

What program are you on?

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Here’s what I do: I program in pause deadlifts early in the week and then do my competition deadlift near the end. I use low rep, high sets wiyh loads between 60% and 70% of my training max (my real world 2rm).


Are we talking about the same “Frequency” here? When somebody talks about frequency I’m thinking that they mean how often they do their main lift. Getting more training volume in with variations or accessories is something different. Either way we should be able to work something out.

How much you deadlift and what does your single deadlift session usually look like? You pull sumo or conventional? What evidence points to you being under recovered or unable to deadlift twice a week e.g. muscle soreness/where or decrease in performance. Can’t make a decent suggestion without knowing what’s going on.

May not even need vairations if you just drop the intensity and split your volume in two there’s double your frequency right there ez sauce.

You could always add in some dynamic effort work. I think pretty much everyone on earth can survive deadlifting 2x a week. Most people just go way too overboard.

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