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Programming Conditioning Work


Jim W,

I have a small hills near my home that I use 3 times a week. I was wondering if there is some method for programming conditioning work (mainly running hills) for progression.


Its almost impossible to program hills - the hill I use has 3 different variations, one of which I’ve seen people almost pass out after 3 sprints up. Not the “man, I’m out of breath” but the “cannot walk due to legs shaking and body shutting down” kind of pass-out. 20 yards to the left, 10-12 hills is pretty doable for someone who is reasonable shape.

However, this is what you can do: base it all on the number of sprints/runs up the hill: have a light day, medium day and a heavy day. Increase these every 3 weeks or so. At some point, you have to stop increasing so also set a limit.

Light day - 8
Medium day - 10
Heavy day - 15

This is just an idea.


Okay thanks a lot. Great job on the latest article. Stay real!