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Programming Concerning the Overload Method


I've been including an ME day into my workouts... but I'm not totally convinced it's helping me strain through my sticking point any more than my RE work with the main lifts. Really, I think it's mostly helped me by getting me used to heavier weights.

I was thinking of testing this idea by trying the overload method method instead. I was also going to do DE style work after these and do my RE work on a different day.

I know Overload work can be very strenuous so I was wondering what kind of rep schemes should I use with how much overload and what kind of overload.

Right now, I was leaning towards varying the type of overload. Like for 3 weeks, do squats off of pins at a height between parallel the top. Thank do reverse band for 3 weeks. Maybe go against bands for a week every once in a while to really fire up that nervous system. Maybe a 3x3 rep scheme at 110% of my max at the top of the movement.

How has the overload method worked for some of ya'll and how did you implement it?

Also, do any of ya'll know of any articles that lay out plans for this so I can use ideas from there?

Or does this just look stupid in general?


i used it for 3x2 at the end of my heavy bench days. The program I was running had me using 100% then it added 5 or 10 lbs per week. I used the slingshot for it. For me as long as i get in a decent amount of reps at 90%+ per week I feel pretty good with heavier weights.


It's been my experience that you should use overload movements sparingly. We use them for our ME movements maybe 2 weeks out of a 12 week training cycle for bench. We do our "reverse band work" differently for the squat & bench and we have a very specific protocol for the last 5-6 weeks of meet training for the squat. The hanging bands allow us to handle extremely heavy weights and practice stabilizing them.

That being said, the reverse bands can mess with your timing and your balance. It's for that reason I personally don't like to use them for reps for the competition lifts. We always did them for singles or doubles.


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