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Programming By Hypertrophy Pathways ACC/INT


We reserve advanced methods (set-extending techniques, intensification methods, special loading schemes) for advanced trainees so that there are remaining cards to play when progress stalls.

But, assuming trainees (intermediates) should employ all hypertrophy pathways would it be advisable to during an accumulation phase dedicate a training day to each pathway,

All whole body, 4 days/wk for 3 weeks
Monday: lactic acid/local growth factors
Wednesday: muscle damage
Friday: muscle fatigue
Saturday: mTor

and in the intensification phase (3-4 weeks) dedicate one day to each lift (squat, press, deadlift, bench) and employ several pathways within the session:

Bench day
A. Main lift, muscle damage
B. Lift targetting weakness, muscle damage
C. Assistance 1, lactate
D. Assistance 2, mTor


Thank you!

For hypertrophy those methods do not make a difference, all they do is save time and for some raise the likelihood of fatigue.

@Allberg, I like where you’re going with this, whether technically correct or not. If you manage to pull off a program utilizing these techniques, I’d like to see it (and run it!).

Just to make sure I understand what you mean, are you saying that (as examples) rest/pause, drop sets et al. need not be saved but clusters and so on should be?

When I did CTs Get Jacked bootcamp we did five whole body days during the first phase that were structured like this. My concern is that too much would be changing between acc/int with this approach that progression isn’t maintained in a decent fashion.

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None if them have to be saved. For the purpose of hypertrophy those “advanced” methods do not matter. They just allow for more volume/work in a shorter time.

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Then I interpreted your meaning correctly, thank you.

@Allberg, can you tell me more about this bootcamp? I went on Thibarmy and couldn’t find anything so I’m guessing it’s no longer offered. I’m intrigued.

If you Google “get Jacked bootcamp thibarmy” you can find it. If there’s anything specific you want to know after that ask and maybe I can/will answer. Not fair towards Coach or the other trainees to give away details but more general stuff I can answer

@Allberg thanks. The advertisement is there but can’t purchase. Drag.