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Programming Between Layer System Cycles

Coach, I’m loving the Layer System training. I’m coming up on 6 weeks so I was wondering is there a type of program (one of yours or just a split with a certain set rep scheme that you think complements the Layer System? I’m interested in size and strength and I know you recommend a deload. My instincts, however, are telling me I need that one month away before returning.

Thank you!

Are you running the Layers for all your lifts or just one at a time?

All four at once

Nice! I’m sure a deload would be welcome lol

Luckily CT has a ton of stuff on here to choose from. I’d imagine 2-4 weeks of the Best Damn plan or Strength-Skill circuits would be a nice change of pace before you get back into it.

Perhaps there’s something that’d fit your tastes better CT himself may chime in with.