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Programming Advice?

ello. I have been looking for a new program as I have been doing strong lifts for about 6month now and I am borded of the workout and want to try something new i was looking online and found the following program
Day One

  1. Squats—50% of one-rep maximumx5repsx1set, 60%x4repsx2sets, 70%x3repsx2sets, 80%x3repsx3sets, 90%x1repx4sets

  2. Bench Presses—50%x5repsx1set, 60%x4repsx2sets, 70%x3repsx2sets, 80%x3repsx3sets, 85%x1repx4sets

  3. Squats—50%x5repsx1set, 60%x5repsx1set, 70%x5repsx1set

  4. Flat Dumbbell Bench Presses—10repsx5sets

  5. Standing Good Mornings—10repsx3sets

Day Two

  1. Deadlifts— 50%x5repsx1set, 60%x4repsx2sets, 70%x3repsx2sets, 80%x3repsx5sets

  2. Bench Presses—50%x5repsx1set, 60%x5repsx1set, 70%x4repsx2sets, 80%x3repsx3sets, 70%x5repsx2sets, 60%x8repsx1set, 50%x10repsx1set

  3. Flat Dumbbell Bench Presses—10repsx5sets

  4. Deadlift Off Boxes—60%x5repsx1set, 70%x3repsx3sets, 80%x2repsx4sets

  5. Weighted Sit-Ups—10repsx3sets

Day Three

  1. Squats—50%x5repsx1set, 60%x4repsx2sets, 70%x3repsx4sets

  2. Bench Presses—50%x5repsx1set, 60%x4repsx2sets, 70%x3repsx3sets, 80%x1repx3sets

  3. Dips—10repsx4sets

  4. Seated good mornings

What are your options on swapping strong lifts for this program. Or would I better to move to mad cow or a 3day 5/3/1 program

I wouldn’t do the program you have written. It has nothing in it for your back at all, which is horrible for muscle development and for general health.

I think you’re better off doing 5/3/1 Beginner Prep School from 5/3/1 Forever or doing just the good ol’ 5/3/1 Triumvirate. They’re much more balanced and will get you great results while keeping you healthy enough to keep progressing.

Triumvirate link here: https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/531-how-to-build-pure-strength


Def go 5/3/1 BBB

I mean you got 12 sets of squats on your day 1 alone, 4 of them heavy singles. I don’t even come close to 90% till a week before I compete, and that’s like twice a year.

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Thank for the advise I will scrap that program then. With regards to 5/3/1 beginner prep should I be doing first set last or joker set with this or just do bbb.

Pick one and run it for at least 3 months. I did the BBB challenge when I started

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Yeah a 5x5 like Madcow or 5/31 triumvirate as above is a good choice

Also to add, it seems like you’re itching to push some PRs. 5/3/1 on the 5/3/1 days will get you there, but once you’ve put in the 3 months, maybe you can consider Texas Method and see how you like it.

Personally the volume day was too much for me and I had to do that on a weekend. I eventually went off program and split up my volume day. But it might not be so bad if you’ve built up the work capacity for it.

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Nice one cheers. Iv looked into texas method and like the idea of weekly progression so going it give it a go

I recommend you have a read of 12 ways to skin the Texas Method (Google it) because it gets unworkable fast and that will give you some strategies on how you can make it work.

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I gotta check that one out too. I dont see myself doing it ever again, but I made okay progress off of it

oh thanks for that link, he’s right when it comes to starting slow and not trying to buff those numbers up too quickly, however sometimes you just need a boost and that’s what osrs boosting services are for!