Programming Advice

I realized I have a long way to go being 22 years old and I’m ready to really buckle down and get serious about training. My first go at programming will be at a conservative ™ Bench 230,Squat 250, Press 140, Deadlift 275.

Agile 8
Box Jumps 3x5
Squat 5’s Pro–> Superset Push 50 reps total
FSL 3x5–>
Bench 5’s pro–>Superset Pull 50 Reps
FSL 3x5
Single Leg/ Abs 50 Reps will try to work them in with Jumps later on.
100 reps on pull-aparts or curl

Agile 8
Throws 10-15
Deadlift 5’s pro–>Superset with Push 50 reps
FSL 3x5 OR 5x3? →
OHP 5’s pro–>Pull 50 reps
FSL 3x5–>
Single leg or Ab 50 Reps
100 rep Facepull or Lateral Raises

On days in between I will focus on a timed mile run 100, pushups, and 50 pullups. 5 minute stretch after weights and run.
Would want to stick to this for around a 6-week cycle. Any advice will be appericated.

Looks decent to me. I’m liking lifting 2/wk.

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Looks good. If you’re only training 2 days/week your FSL work could be a little higher, like 5x5, especially on the pressing movements, but 3x5 is safe for your first cycle. You can adjust by feel as you go.

You got it. Do this for at least two cycles.

You have been listening and I appreciate it.

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Why do you superset Squats and Deadlifts with a push movement prior to the Bench Press and Press? Isn’t this detrimental to the main pressing movements?

It definitely is not detrimental.

It makes you stronger.