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Programming a Workout Planner Thingy?

Hey all.

I have some vacation from work here the next couple of weeks so i was thinking of doing a project of creating a computer program that can plan and log your workouts. i was thinking of doing it for the Westside style workout because thats what i think is the best.

im not so good a programmer yet but right now i am more interested in what features you guys would say could be benificial.

right now i am having it so you can choose your main exercise and it will show you what you lifted the last time so you can beat it.

and for DE days it will take 55-60% of your max for that lift.

and then it can export to excel so you can make curves and stuff…

well i might just be thinking big. but are there any percentages or something that you could make it follow to maybe calculate your next lift ? or maybe you could type in where your sticking points is and it could give you advice on what exercises to choose ?

anything is possible if just you can get me to understand it too :smiley:

and BTW i dont plan on taking money for this program.

Are you planning on creating this for the Windows environment and what technology are you using? I have thought about creating a feature rich application for tracking volume, progress and various parameters. I am interested to see what you come up with.

I think it would be cool to create a winform app that syncs with window mobile, and that way a user could input their information into their PDA or cell that has the Windows environment and then sync it to their home PC/laptop.

If you need help with and ideas or design pattern implementation I might be able to help.