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Programming A/B Style of Training

So I have playing around (in my mind, havent tested) with this kind of setup for weightroom:
Agile 8/Jumps/Throws
Squat Main Work ss Dips ~50reps
Bench Supplemental ss Chins ~50reps
+Back Raises/Ab Wheel ~50reps each
Agile 8/Jumps/Throws
Deadlift Supplemental ss Push Ups ~50reps
Press Main Work ss Inv. Row ~50reps
+Bulg. Split Squats/H. Leg Raises ~50reps each
Agile 8/Jumps/Throws
Squat Supplemental ss Dips ~50reps
Bench Main Work ss Chins ~50reps
+Back Raises/Ab Wheel ~50reps each
Agile 8/Jumps/Throws
Deadlift Main Work ss Push Ups ~50reps
Press Supplemental ss Inv. Rows ~50reps
+Bulg Split Squats/H. Leg Raises ~50reps each

This would be 3 days/week, along with conditioning (weight vest) and some mobility/recovery stuff at home. Spring/summer/fall i have acces to hill…

So is this setup ok/balanced?
Set/rep options for programming main/supplemental for 5/3?

For main work I think my options would be: 5’s Pro, 5/3/1 original, TMxPR, 5x5/3/1…
Supplemental: Fsl, Ssl, 5x5@70-75%…
Bbb/bbs propably not an option with template like this?

Your layout is very similar to the Beyond 5/3/1 program. I’ve ran it before and loved it so I’d say go for it.

I run the exact same template almost with the way you have your supplemental frequency laid out and love it. The only difference is i do all 4 main 5/3/1 lifts every week. For example, i stack 5/3/1 deadlift/overhead press the first week and 5/3/1 squat/bench the 2nd week. I’ve tried the main work this way with straight 5/3/1, 5/3/1 FSL and 5/3/1 pyramid and supplemental w/ 5x5, 6x6 and BBB and fixing to try 5’s Pro w/ my assistance. You can run BBB and 5’s Pro this way, but it will take 6 weeks to finish one cycle for your assistance. I don’t know if Jim recommends it or if I am completely butchering it, so hopefully he will enlighten us both, but it’s been the perfect pressing frequency for my nagging shoulders and allows for more recovery time and mobility work during off days.

The main and supplemental work looks similar to how Jim laid it out for the Beyond 5/3/1 1.1-1.4 program. I’d be interested to hear what he has to say since I like training 3 days a week and would like some ideas for switching it up.

Thank for replys. I know this is probably fine as a “raw template”. I was thinkin if person is using this kind of layout for long term, is there really anything that changes when programming your 5 cycles? For example: 2 cycles of main lift 5’s Pro, 2nd lift fsl 5x5 then 3 cycles of main lift PRs, 2nd lift fsl 5x5 etc. I read an article about creating your own full body temp from Jims forum wich gave me some ideas for set/rep schemes to use. That said, the article was not directly for A/B training, rather more classic squat/press/pull where cycle lasts 3weeks.

I’ve used a/b-with good results. Best way to put it is just like you laid out (from my experience).

Main lift (5’s pro, 5/3/1, TM PR etc…)
Second lift (FSL)

I think this can be easily used with 5/3 and long term progression models. I may be trying this with some of the ready ones laid out in Jims forum after I stall with my current approach.

I really need to get on Jim’s forum. it sounds like there’s a ton of great articles on there.

Can’t afford it.

The forum is only 4.99 a month right now. I don’t know if its a promotional thing or what but it has been that price for at least the last two months. Worth going to check out. Its a terrific source of knowledge and always expanding.