Programming a 5/3/1 Cutting Phase

Over recent months have followed 5/3/1 BBB beefcake and The deep water programme. Currently looking to shed the fluff and get lean while keeping the noticeable gains I’ve made. Thank you @T3hPwnisher for all the recommendations.

Looking to run 5/3/1 as a cutting phase this time around me will be using the assault big, kettlebells and heavy sand bag for conditioning in my home gym set up.

Just looking for advice on how to run the 5/3/1 programme here. Having read around and searched on the forum 5/3/1 with PR sets seems the way to go? With assistance should I run with the 5x10 or 5x5 FSL. Will also be making the switch to AM training so hoping this doesn’t affect my training maxes too much. My two young kids are at the age where they’re getting into sports so evening training is slowly becoming impossible but wouldn’t have it any other way.

As always any advice much appreciated

If I was running 531 whilst trying to cut (assuming gaining strength is not the main focus) I would probably go with 5s Pro with 5 x 5 FSL as assistance of the same movement. Then add in the 50 reps push, pull and single leg assistance. Then just add to that some hard conditioning and also lots of weight vest walking. For me I only want to so PR sets when I am eating enough to ensure I progress. Don’t like the idea of doing PR sets only to see numbers that aren’t PR’s!! But that’s just me.

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I’d do exactly this. 5s PRO, light TM, fast, explosive reps. 5 x 5 FSL, possibly paused, some pretty minimal assistance. That’s the smart move.

For a little out of the box thinking: Full Body Full Boring at 5s PRO has worked for me in a calorie deficit before. Minimal/no Assistance. 3 main lifts, 3 times a week. Again: fast, explosive reps.

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I like PR sets during fat loss vs 5s pro, because it allows for a little natural autoregulation. On days I’m feeling flat, I do what I can. On days I’m feeling on, I crush it. 5s pro can be brutal in how uncompromising it is.

For supplemental, 5x5 FSL is classic. Could also do BBB with LOW percentages, like 30-40%.

Other considerations: use different movements for main and supplemental lifts compared to what you did while gaining. Deficit or sumo deads, box or olympic style squats, swiss bar bench/press, etc. You can watch lifts “grow” as you gain neurological improvements even if your muscles aren’t growing.


I like this a lot.


It’s the same thing I do when coming back from an injury. It’s why I bench with an axle: I made the switch when I was coming back from ACL surgery. Having no previously established baseline means you’re never competing with your old numbers.

Very certain I stole it from Dave Tate.

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It certainly features a lot in the table talk podcasts.

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PSH, I was stealing from Dave back when he was selling spiral bound paperbacks that were just re-prints of his free articles for $40.

…but I’m not bitter.

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I’m happy to help people who help me for free, whether that’s money or other support. It’s why I exclusively wear Neversate shirts to the gym. I’m pretty sure you feel similarly.

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I’m torn with Dave, because he’s an awesome dude, gives back a ton, and his business has been really awful to me. I don’t blame Dave personally for it, but I feel like, when the company grew, he staffed it poorly compared to when it was small.

But for sure with Brian. He radically changed my push pressing and dumbbell pressing. Will always support him. I still get giddy when I see him using the axle I bought him, haha.


I remember that well.

Your willingness to give back when appropriate is inspiring.

I like Dave, and would like to support him, but there’s no way I’m putting myself through the drama of dealing with EliteFTS in the UK for something I actually want. Besides, Wendler is probably due more of my money first.


Thanks for all the replies guys. Looking forward to getting this cutting stage done.
I like 5/3/1 as it’s just easy to follow and the variations are awesome.

Loved deep water too that was brutal. Brian is amazing love his you tube Vids

I actually got some stuff from EFS UK, nothing like machines or racks, just bands, hoodie, wrist and knee Wraps, and there hasn’t been any issues with deliveries or EFS so far.

Saying that, I ordered from Jim years before that, even with paying the shipping from the US, back when Forever came out, got that and a T-shirt.

However, I think it matters what percentage of fat you start. In my opinion, there is a big difference in training if, for example, you are 20% and you want to fall to 15% compared to if you are 30% or more. What kind of fat loss are you aiming for and for what period. And how many calories is your deficit per day.

Just wanted to chime in and say I have had my neversate t-shirts for over 4 years. I have worm them every week, the green/blue one I wear twice per week (yes it gets washed) and they have held up really well, even the print. They are worth getting for quality alone.

Not naming names but it’s a nice change from some other people’s t-shirts that seem to be made from tissue paper.

Only annoying thing is when someone says ‘cool reindeer’ haha

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