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Programming 5 Forward / 3 Back

How would one do that in the best possible way?
Im thinking something like this but i dont really know?

Cycle 1 and 2, BBB variation 2 fsl work 5 sets of 10 reps at 65%, 8 at 70% and 5 at 75%
Cycle 3 to 5. Fsl work 5x5

Two questions, considering bar speed, would it be better to run bbb cycles at 50%, and is there a better way programming 5 cycles 3 back?

How many 5/3/1 cycles have you completed?

Seven. But i have not done 5/3

I dont know if there is “best way” or template or whatever. At the end of the day, you need to do what makes you go to weightroom and you need to believe in what you do. How I understand 5/3, is that its built in tool to program your training for long periods and control variables such as intensity, volume, assistance, conditioning etc… without ever again screwing around with your TM (you get it right the first time you start, you never have to calculate it again and it has nothing to do with your real max anymore) and make steady progress while trying different “sets/reps”, templates etc. without burning out or stalling.

Basicly 2-3 cycles something heavier like BBB, SSL, BBS and 2-3 cycles of FSL and you wouldnt go wrong with this. So you are already in right track I think.

Have you resetted your TM yet on your 7 cycles? If not, you can go on and “milk” all you can and then adjust your TM and start programming 5/3 or if you wanna do it right away; adjust and get to it. Either way, your 5-6rep max would be good starting point for TM.

Your on the right track mate. Either bbb template is fine as long as the effort is there and you have the appropriate tm. If using variation 2 make sure to use same lift after each main lift. Bar speed should always be optimal you should get a fast 5 reps on 1’s week if you didn’t go back 5 cycles if your in your 7th and start 5/3 from there.

Also check out kevin deweese article about 5/3 he explains it very well

Thanks for the answers!