Programming 45-Degree Back Extension as Main Movement

I’m in the process of recovering from some hip issues that have stopped squats and deadlifts. GMs are also out for now.
I can use a 45 degree back extension bench without issue. A horizontal leg press with limited rom is ok. Seated knee extension and prone or seated leg curls are ok.
Any advice on using the back extension as my main movement is appreciated. I’ve always done higher reps 10-20 at the end of the session.
Anyone have any experience using it for heavier and lower reps?

These look absolutely nice to do.


That’s great
Thank you

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I’ve not seen his videos before.
He seems pretty thoughtful.
Right now I’m still using plates held on my chest.
Hopefully tonight I’ll work with a 45 plate then start with the barbell next time I train.
This exercise looks like what I’ve been looking for while I’m rehabilitated the hip. I can load a bar and work multiple parts without jacking my hip back up.
Really appreciate your passing this on

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If your back raise machine has those horizontal handles by the hip pads, Watch Out For Your Pinkies! When I grab the barbell naturally and raise up my fingers get mashed between the barbell and the handles near the top of the motion.

I’ve also crunched up my lower back hyper-extending too much at the top. Remembering to keep a little knee bend and not lock out my legs 100% helps.

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Don’t do an accessory as a “main” movement. Treat it the same. Use this lay off period as a chance to develop muscle mass and promote recovery.


Pete uses low reps on them. May be worth a shot for maintaining strength.


I would not normally.
I’m just looking for something I can do without much discomfort and maintain some strength and muscle mass. At my age a lay-off will lead to some atrophy and strength loss fairly quickly.
Do sets of 10-15 reps holding a plate is getting boring

That’s great advice.
I’ve caught a finger racking a bar before after squatting. That was really unpleasant… for about 3 weeks

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That I can understand, I’d still personally shoot for higher reps, probably nothing under 8s on them.

You shouldn’t have atrophy from hard sets of 8.

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You’re welcome!

Yeah, his videos have great content, are well thought out, and presented nicely. Doesn’t look like he’s putting out nonsense information either. He’s a powerlifter at heart, so his current training is still centered on basic major barbell movements.

Some ads and product placement here and there, but hey, everyone’s gotta make a living.

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45 Degree Hip/Back Extension

This provides some good information on the 45 Degree Hip/Back Extension.

It’s essentially a Good Morning performed from a different angle.

Bell Shaped Strength Curve Training

The 45 Degree Hip/Back Extension has a “Bell Shaped Strength Curve”. That means it is easy at the beginning and end of the movement.

It is hard in the middle part of he movement. As he stated in the video, this works the mid range knee area of a Deadlift.

90 Degree/Parallel Hip/Back Extension

This essentially is a Good Morning from a different angle, as well.

“Descending Strength Curve Training”

The 90 Degree Hip/Back Extension has a “Descending Strength Curve”. That means it is easy at the beginning and middle part of the movement; hard at the end/lockout.

It works the top end/lockout of a Deadlift.

Good Morning Hip/Back Extension

Another version of a Hip/Back Extension from a different angle.

The Ascending Strength Curve

The Good Morning has an “Ascending Shaped Strength Curve”. That means it is hard in the bottom position and easier at the middle and top part of the movement.

Good Morning increase strength and power off the floor of a Deadlift.

Choose The Right Tool For The Job

Each of these Hip/Back Extension Exercises elicits a different training effect.

  1. 45 Degree Hip/Back Extension for increasing Mid Range Strength; knee area of the Deadlift.

  2. 90 Degree Hip/Back Extension for increasing Top End/Lockout of the Deadlift.

  3. Good Morning Hip/Back Extension for increasing strength and power off the floor of he Deadlift

Kenny Croxdale


That’s great. Thank you.
Always a fan of your work and training.
Happy Thanksgiving