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Alright I wanna train 4x a week. Squat or Deadlift being my first exercise, because of that tip Dan John gave. I wanna gain a lot of strength. This is my main focus, I would obviosuly liek to gain some size with this too. Now on the 4th day its more fun stuff, some training with rocks, sledgehammer, and med ball throws to develop power. Maybe even some plyo pushups. and maybe punching bag stuff.
The other days I’m wondering how I should do my sets/reps and all. I want it to be a full body plan. So probably like
back extension
military press
rows - chin ups.
I’m confused with how I should make the reps/sets. Basically I’m making my own program up here. To gain some max strength and all with size. should I go with 3x3 one day, or 3x5 one day…then maybe 10x3 another day?? How would I put 4x6 in there too, and 5x5…I know this is kinda confusing, but I need some help on this one.


I’m confused too after reading that. The training like rock lifts and brick lifts and other ‘dinosaur’ training stuff can be done after regular workouts rather than assigning a special day to it. You say you are 16 in another post ? Did I remember that rightly ? Therefore your own bodies anabolic drive should be optimal.

Are you intending to Squat more than once a week AND do multiple days of deadlifts ?

Yeah I’m thinking of like…one day squatting, one day deadlift…something like that. And yeah I’m 16 years old. I just don’t know how to structure programs using 10x3, 4x6, 5x5, 3x3, 3x5…stuff like that…and like imploying more than one of those methods in one cycle. Sooo I can get bigger and stronger. :slight_smile:


For this type of programme where you rely on multi-joint (compound) exercises, I’d personally train three times a week and not involve the supplementary (dinosaur) exercises until I could periodise them into the programme when less compound exercises were being used that did not require as much recovery.

Depending on your ability to recover, your nutrition and how hard you were training, doing Squats AND Deadlifts particularly on the same day would be overkill. You can devise a way to train each exercise for 3-4 weeks on the trot with different tempos and total number of reps. Depending on your muscle makeup, doing sets of 6-7 for deadlift and 8-9 for Squats works quite well, but we are all different.

Certainly employing the 20 rep Squat programme is a good idea, but I could only ever do this once a week as it wiped me out. The limiting factor for 20 rep deadlfits is/would be grip and lower back giving out before you’d worked the other muscles over the decided number or reps.

If doing 10x3 one day I would not go for say 3x3 another or even the 5x5, the load will be VERY close to the same. I would go for something like 3-8-10 or something for he other.

Your 16 friggin years old. Build all those muscle qualiies plenty of time to specialize fater you get some strength, these higher reps will build muscular endurance and help strenghten the tendons etc that will be taking a hell of a whack from the heavy work.

My 2 cc,

So for employing a 5x5, 10x3, or 3x3…should I just basically look at Dan John’s programs for the 5x5, CW’s ABBH for the 10x3, and then CW’s Strength-training mescocyel…that imploys 3x3, 3x8 etc.???